Friday, March 8, 2013

GCDC and other Upcoming April Events

As many of you know, the GCDC or Great Cloth Diaper Change is again coming up. This will be year three and the third year The Green Mommy has been involved. The first year I tried to get one started here (failed but tried), second year I helped get one started here that was run by my good friend Liz H. I also was a sponsor of the event. This year I had been so excited. I planned to be co host of the event for this area, and full on sponsor both through donations as well as many products to giveaway this year including a breastfeeding Green Mommy Mama Doll. Now the thought of spending the day in a room filled with babies is heartbreaking. So I finally after much thought have decided I still would like to donate the doll, but that is as much involvement as i can muster this year. I am hoping and praying that by this time next year either I am holding a new baby in my arms or I am pretty far along in a a pregnancy. I personally would like to start TTC around this summer. I feel if we wait too long our fear and anxiety will get the better of us and soon enough we will just be a one kid household forever, or worse have a surprise kid in our 40's.
Also speaking of doll making I decided the other day to create a remembrance doll for our lost angelbaby. I am not quite finished, there are some details I would like to add but mostly she is done. She has baby blue and pink hair, the colors of infant and pregnancy loss awareness. She has one stripe of sapphire colored hair for the duedate of our baby. She is wearing a starry night dress with a wooly comforting shawl wrapped around her. She has closed sad eyes, a single tear and a sad little smile. I really felt she embodies my pain and joy right now.

 Here she is pictured with my Green Mommy Mama Doll, which I made about a year ago. She has a birthing belly, a baby, ring sling, breastfeeding abilities and a snap on and off placenta. I plan to give the remembrance doll and pot of roses or some roses in a blanket. I feel these two dolls represent my walk with both my kids. The two sides to The Green Mommy.

In other April events though, The Green Mommy Earth Day Garbage Walk will go ahead as planned. It will be on the Saturday before Earth Day this year, So it will be Saturday the 20th of April. If you would like to help out or be a walker let me know. Also if you would like to do one in your own town in conjunction with ours, please let me know and take pics so we can share the different places that help participate. Last year we gathered I think 2 whole 30 gallon bags of trash, just from downtown and the park. So anyway I am sure I will have more announcements to come closer to April but for now, this is what we have planned. :)

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