Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Most Green St. Patrick's Day

Well finding subjects to write about other than loss of a baby has been hard, but we actually did have a truly wonderful St. Patrick's Day. I decided that since it was the first Holiday since losing Asya Rose (which I find it funny that I have never used Bug's real name on this blog but feel almost as though I need to use hers), and I felt we need to celebrate it fully.

So Bug and I (which if you are at all curious Bug's real name is Aleksandr Robert, yes both my children have weird Russian names and the initials AR), woke up and made green pancakes and green juice.

Then we put on Irish music and donned traditional green Celtic clothes. Bug wore his kilt and a green shamrock t-shirt. I wore my green chemise and black bodice overdress. We were quite the pair. We also made some rainbow paint to paint with using a very simple recipe. I will post more about that.

The day finished up with some well made corned beef and cabbage cooked in the crock pot and some family hugs with Asya's Roses. All in all it was a very nice day. I am actually looking forward to Easter now.

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