Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Book A Book.... Two Books.... Look Two Books

Ok so I am trying now to turn my thoughts to new projects, my garden, remembrance crafts I can do with Bug, getting my house in shape, and reconnecting with friends and fans. So in doing that over the last few days I learned that my good friend Mike Balonek has written another book. In case you forgot, he wrote one last year called "Our Daddy is an Ethnomusicologist". It was a really nice book for kids and I bought a copy, of course, and gave it to the Bug for Easter. So I immediately asked him when he would write one about their adventures in India. His answer was to publish a new book, just in time for this Easter, all about India. The book is called "Adventures In India: The Maha Kumbh Mela". You can buy either book on Amazon. It costs 7.99 in paperback or 3.99 for the kindle addition. I plan to buy one this week and save it for Bug's Easter gift. Mike and Amanda are two of my oldest and dearest friends and have been living and teaching and helping in India almost as long as I have known them. They occasionally make it to the States, and we are always glad to see them. I have learned much from them about Attachment Parenting, Green living, and peaceful life. They do what makes them happy and their children are two of the smartest most wonderful kids ever. So if you didn't buy his first book last year when I promoted it... please pick it up, and also try the new one. I promise you will learn right along with your kids.

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