Monday, December 24, 2012

Homemade Christmas 2012: part 1

Well here goes... this is the first of two posts I am going to do on our homemade gifts this year. Most of the people have opened their gifts and those who haven't will be in the second post. So without further ado....  here it is.
 This is a fleece tie comforter cover. I made this for Bug's new room for Christmas.
This is a Dinosaur Train clock I made for Bug's new room.
 These are geeky ornaments I made for my hubby. They are Spiderman, Dr. Who, Star Trek, Captain America, Star Wars, Ironman, Batman.
 These were assorted glitter vases for friends and family.
 Our handmade Elf on a Shelf
 Cloth rosettes for the vases
 Salt dough ornaments
 Handprint salt dough ornaments.
 Snowflake Christmas hat I made for a coworker.
 Purple fuzzy crochet owl I made for a coworker.
 Wine glass scented candles for friends and family.
 Bath tea made for me by my hubby.
 Hand crochet Weeping Angel and Ood. The Angel has a secret scary face and snap eyes and hands.
 Dinosaur train framed pictures for Bug's room.
 Bug's handmade Christmas trees.
 Our recycling and toothpick manger. Bug helped me make it.
 Handprint Santa Ornament
 Assorted candle I made for people.
 Cinnamon Ornaments

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