Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Ongoing Saga That Is Bug's Dinosaur Room

So I have decided that I am going to not only tell you guys about this monumental project (that we have not undertaken since he was inside me and we were designing his nursery). That I would blog about it as we go. So the first step is I created too shopping carts, one on (I know I know but where else will i find this stuff), one at and then I am also working with Rogue Decals for any of the wall art to see how much of it they can do. If I can I would like to get the stuff locally made from good people. I have selected only a few key items that I know I can not make myself such as, wall decals, a clock, curtains (yes I know I could make these but it would cost more than the curtains do) etc. I found some really adorable things! What I am going to make is things like framed wall art, a comforter cover, the plants, and all the painting and stenciling. So I already have blogged about the chair, the bed set and the pillow... now I am going to lay out a schedule of tasks to be done week by week. I will do an update post with pictures to show you how it's going after each one is done.
Week 1/2 Oct 14th-27th: Empty Bug's room of everything but clothes and furniture, put everything in trash bags and set in storage for now. (leave out a few key toy items which will be kept  in the livingroom in a basket)
Week 3/4 Oct 28th-Nov 10th: Paint room lt green, paint dresser darker green paint bed darker green.
Week 5/6 Nov 11th-24th: Do stencil work, Paint main toy box remove other old toyboxes.
Week 7/8 Nov 25th-Dec 8th: Sort through all the bags, give away to daycares or charity all but what he actually really plays with. put toys back in his room
Week 9/10 Dec 4th-22nd: finish prepping any of the handmade items, make sure all the store bought ones have arrived, wrap and put under tree.
After Christmas: after he has unwrapped all the gift items for his room, I will put them all up where they go and we will finish the last of the room together. Then I will take lots of pictures of the finished result.

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