Saturday, September 22, 2012

To My Angel On His 3rd Birthday....

Bug..... you are a mother's dream. On the day you were born I asked the nurses if there was something wrong with you because the other babies on the ward screamed all day and night but you were silent the entire time. The only time you cried was when you had the hicups. The rest of the time you cooed happily. The nurses laughed and said "No he is just a very happy baby". A few minutes after you were born you grabbed your ID card out of the nurse's hand and played keep away, To be completely honest when I first knew you were going to be put in my arms for the first time it was about an hour after you were born and I was so scared. I thought, "What if I don't connect to him?" "what if I can't love him enough?" Then in that moment they put you in my arms and I looked into your eyes and realized they were exact duplicates of my own eyes... and I wept. My heart exploded. I loved you more than anyone could ever love another human being. You are the most wonderful child. Everyday you fill our hearts with joy and love. I wake up every morning to the pitter patter of your feet and the rustle of blankets as you crawl into our bed and snuggle up against me. You are just the sweetest most polite, thoughtful kind child. You always think of others first. You are also so smart. You know more about zoology than I do and I majored in it. You are a budding paleontologist, you can already almost read, you know all your numbers, letters, and can sound out words. You can write your name..... you are a wonder!
3 years ago right now I was so nervous... we were trying to sleep because we knew the alarm was set for 4 AM and that we would soon be meeting you. I was so excited and worried and happy. I just knew I wanted to hold you in my arms. You grew up so fast. You were already sitting up in an excersaucer moving toys and beads at barely 3 months. You wore a size 12 months at barely 3 months too. You wore a 2t by your first birthday. Now you are 41 inches tall, 33 lbs and wear a size 4t-5t and a size 11 shoe. How did you grow up so fast?
So I hope that as you wake up tomorrow and enjoy your birthday you know that every minute of everyday for the last 3 yrs (as well as the nine months before that) you have been so loved ... so incredibly loved. You are just the most wonderful thing that ever happened to us. We are so proud to be your parents and so proud to be loved by you.
Happy 3rd Birthday My Baby!!!!!!!

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