Monday, August 27, 2012

A Few Fun Projects

So yesterday Bug and I decided to have some fun making Moon Sand. It was after I decided to post about it that I realized I never actually posted about our discovery bottles that we made way back in February.... So I decided to post about both fun kid projects at once.
Let's begin with Moon Sand!
Moon sand has two ingredients.
You start with 4 cups of flour and then add in 1/2 a cup of baby oil. I think you can use any oil but since we never touched the stuff when Bug was a baby I have a lot laying around that I use to polish chrome so when the recipe I found said baby oil I figured ok... let's try it this way first. Which reminds me.. I need to polish my bike chrome....
Anyway.... once you mix the two ingredients together you get this.
It has the consistency of wet sand without the sticking to everything. It is super easy clean up.
Bug had sooo much fun and this kept him busy most of the afternoon.

Now onto Discovery Bottles!
We made these back in February and Bug still uses them all the time. I think we may make a few more soon.  You can make all sorts of different kinds.
First we cleaned and de-labeled some big clear bottles. 1 liter bottles work best.
Bug helped me decide which types of bottles we wanted to make and helped make them with me.
We ended up making three different kinds. The yellow one is filled with water and corn syrup which makes the beads float to the top. If you tip it they shift. This teaches buoyancy. 
The dark blue one is half blue water and half oil. When you turn it from side to side you get a tidal wave. This teaches density. The last one is filled with light blue water, sand and sea shells. This teaches about the sea floor. You can fill them with letters, numbers, glitter, animals, rice, etc etc. 

So there you go! Moon Sand and Discovery Bottles! Have fun!

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