Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Very Greenie 4th of July

Every year going back 70 years my family has had a family bbq in the next town over after watching the big county 4th of July parade. The tradition goes back to when my grandmother was 3 years old. My great grandparents bought a house right on the parade route and a tradition was born. When my grandmother and her brothers got married and had children they all would come back for the parade and bbq at their parents house. My father and his sisters grew up doing it every year. When my Great Grandmother passed away when I was 18 there were a few years when the tradition looked like it would die away. Then a few years after my cousin got married in 2005, she and her husband bought a house, literally just around the corner from Great Grandma's old house. So starting that year the tradition continued. We all owe her a debt of gratitude for continuing such a wonderful tradition. 
Anyway onto the Green part of my post. Every year all the kids are decked out in patriotic clothes and hats and tutus and ribbons. When we were kids and in high school dressing up in red, white and blue was so fun. Now that we are all grown and most of us have children of our own, the cousins left around here all like to dress up their kids adorably. Normally I just find whatever blue and white striped shirt Bug may have or maybe blue and red plaid shorts... but this year I decided to try and do something different.
I made him a patriotic shirt using one of his red shirts and a small flag  he had gotten from memorial day. I don't think this is disrespectful, since in my opinion this flag will have a much more honorable and loved life as a shirt then it would have had as a child's toy flag ending up under Bug's bed or worse in the garbage. (Just thought I would add that in in case someone tells me I somehow hurt America by doing this.) Anyway I then decided to quickly crochet him a double crochet cap with a small ribbed edge to give it some shape in red white and blue. 
Here is the finished product.
So that was our Greenie 4th of July. A few stitches, some upcycled clothing and some speedy crocheting and my Buggy was the most patriotic of the bunch. 

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