Monday, July 30, 2012

Harvest Season Begins

For us here in the Northcountry, Harvest Season runs from about August 1st-October 31st. Now that isn't to say we haven't already had loads of early veggies but the majority of harvest comes from around August 1st-October 31st. For our family this is also the biggest season of celebration. On August 5th is our wedding anniversary, then August 19th is my nephew's birthday, late August both Hubby and I return to work, then September 18th is my birthday, the 21st is my niece's birthday, the 22nd is Bug's birthday and then in October there is the 24th which is both our anniversary of our relationship starting as well as our engagement anniversary, then of course Halloween which is our FAVORITE HOLIDAY EVER!!! This year we also added an early bday party of August 12th to that list for Bug. Then a midst all that you have of course harvest season.
Now Harvest season is when the corn grows big enough to pick, the tomatoes turn red on the vine, the beans and peppers start to produce in large amounts and of course all the varieties of squash and pumpkins. This is not just the harvest of crops though. All our favorite backyard edibles like wild apples, sand pears, wood sorrel, sunflowers, wild tomatillos, pineapple weed, burdock, and many more are also ripe for harvest. 
This years harvest season is already in full swing due to a hot dry summer followed by cooler temps and lots of rain. We already can see fields of goldenrod, thistles, black eyed susans, queen anne's lace, and asters. Today I pulled 
two acorn squash
two butternut squash
two cucumbers
a bag of dill seed
 and our first red tomato out of the garden.

 The air has that end of summer feel to it... you can smell fall. Every year I get so excited I can't even contain myself. So much to celebrate and so much to harvest. This year I will be canning, in addition to my normal amounts of apple butter, apple sauce, pickles, and jams and jellies, some tomatoes, tomato sauces, butternut puree (no room in the freezer this year), acorn squash, pumpkin puree and many other things. I have already been pickling up a storm and have 3 gallons of yellow squash and zucchini in the freezer. Oh Harvest Season.... how I love thee..... So what does your family do for Harvest Season?

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