Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chicken Pox

So a few weeks ago we went to our family BBQ for the 4th of July and what we thought was mosquito bites all over my baby cousin turned out to be chicken pox. Four days later Bug had spots showing up, was grumpy and itchy. So I decided to find out aside calamine lotion what I could do for him. I found out via a google search that the very thing my yard is full of right now.. was the treatment. That was Marigolds. It turns out that marigolds blossoms in a mixture of witch hazel and water makes a great treatment when sprayed on the sores. It also works wonders on bug bites, and bee stings. 
So I took the blossoms...
.. and the witch hazel....
.. and put it in a spray bottle.
I also made Bug his own homemade oatmeal bath powder by simply running oatmeal through our coffee grinder.
So there you have it... chicken pox helped by just a few simple ingredients and all naturally. 

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