Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Camping: Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints

We here at the Green Mommy house live by the rule that on hikes and camping trips (as well as anytime we are in the outdoors) that we take only pictures and leave only footprints. Last week we celebrated the end of the summer with a camping trip. We spent 3 glorious days and nights on the banks of the St. Lawrence River at Coles Creek Campground in Waddington NY. We were expecting to get back to nature but we didn't realize how much so.
The first night we barely got our two tens set up before a storm almost as harsh as the micro burst that rolled through our town the week before had been. 
We got the boys into the big 3 room tent (it was just me, my friend Des and our two boys) and then made sure we had things safely tied down. As the rains began to beat against the tent we were faced with two problems, the tent was flooding and the tent was collapsing. So we threw towels near the windows and held up the side of the tent that was collapsing against the wind. 
This picture shows the luggage tarped up to keep it all dry. I spent the night after it finally stopped raining trying to dry out the sleeping bags and towels so Bug and I could sleep comfortably that night.
The next day  was gorgeous.
We played on the beach...
We saw a rainbow....
 Ate marshmallows...
 And had a magical color changing fire. One of the neighbors next to us thought the boys would enjoy that. They gave us this little packet that you put in the fire and it changes the colors of the flame.
The last day the Daddies came out and we cooked a big breakfast...
Got ready and headed back to the beach...
Then we got back and made a yummy dinner and had another campfire. 
The next day we had to be up and packed by around 9 AM. We woke up to pouring rain. I don't have any pics from that morning but it looked a bit like this pic I found on google images.
Yet when we left the campsite looked exactly as it had when we had arrived.. even in the pouring rain we left no trace on the land.

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