Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Garden Fun

So the last few days have been crazy long but fun. My next door neighbor and I have been each buying a few toys here and there for the boys (her son is 2 weeks older than Bug so they have become best friends) and both getting our backyards (which connect) ready for summer. It has been really warm so we have been working double time. I got my garden entirely planted and in the backyard I got wildflowers planted and marigolds in hanging baskets along the wall. I put up tiki torches and decorations and in the front I put little animals around my garden and butterflies to decorate both the front and back. All in all we have gotten so much done. Today was my mother's day. We went out for lunch and then I spent my Mother's Day gift money on the garden stuff. There is something about summer nights sitting by the light of tiki torches watching two little boys run around still trying to prove they are not yet tired, relaxing at a patio table, with dirt and sweat still caked on your hands and feet, knowing how hard you worked all day. I will be taking some pictures tomorrow to show what we have done but here are a couple I took in the dark tonight.


  1. BTW, you inspired me to have a container garden this year!! I made my usual garden space into a play area for the littles and was resigned to no garden this year when I remembered seeing your photos of what you and Bug had growing. I'll be sure to share what comes out blossoming in ours!!

    1. Aww cool yeah I would like to do a garden share post theme month.. maybe July when things are growing better... each entry will be a different garden share story and pics. Want to be one of them?

    2. Surely I would!! I've got the dirt in but nothing seeded yet. Hopefully by the weekend. July should be perfect for showing off what we've got growing.


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