Thursday, May 10, 2012

International Compost Awareness Week

I love when things I love just happen to collide all at once. So this week I started a new fb group dedicated to green living and organic gardening. In it we were discussing composting and how to get started on it. this lead me to looking into buying some more red compost worms because mine I think died during the winter. I haven't seen them yet this year. I figured even if they are still alive in there I would help them out with a pound of worms added to the bins (we have 2 bins). So I was on the fb page of our local Agway and saw that this week is International Composting Awareness Week. How cool is that?! I had no clue.
So in celebration I am going to spend the weekend writing about composting topics. So I will start with linking you to my post about how to build a compost bin. This is one option. There are a lot of ways but this is how our bins are. Having the airateing holes in the sides and bottom help make it so you don't have to "turn" your compost. Other ways are to have rotating bins or circular bins that you roll. If you have a short wide bin you can turn it with a pitchfork. When we first set up our bin I posted this. Right now though we have two full sized bins.
So the bit of new info that I will share here in celebration of compost is this. You can buy red wriggler worms (compost worms) for 12$ on Go Amazon! Happy ICAW!

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