Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Family: Many Shapes and Sizes

So for most of you who read this blog you may only read the articles here but some of you may also follow my page on FB or even my personal one, and so you may have an idea of my personal politics and why I do not discuss them that often in this blog. To be fair they don't often cross over into the blog, since this is about how to live a more natural and Earth Friendly way and how to help share that with other mothers and with your children. That being said sometimes my blog and my personal politics overlap. Sometimes it's just a matter of protecting mothers (or fathers) or children. So let me begin by saying two things. I 100% support gay marriage (though not a big fan of calling it "gay" marriage.. I think it should just be called marriage and it should be allowed to everyone). The second thing is that families have never come in one shape or size. 

A recent article came across my attention today. JC Pennys is under attack from a group calling themselves "One Million Moms", even though they are not even 50,000 Moms. A better title might be "a Handful of Moms". That aside the attack comes because of a mailer ad that JCP mailed out showing a lesbian couple and their two daughters. It talked about how artistic the whole family is and how they love making pottery and painting. I am not entirely sure how that sells clothing but I didn't get to see the whole ad.. maybe there was more to it.. idk.. but art and clothing aside the point is it portrayed a happy loving family just like any other happy loving family. I have never understood why people have this idea of a cookie cutter family anyhow. Since when is Man+Woman+ 2.5 kids the norm? Anyone who watch TV between the 50's and today saw their fair share of not cookie cutter families. 

Take the Brady Bunch for example. A blended family where  each parent brought in 3 children leaving the resulting blend of 6 kids. A larger than average family with stepparents. The Nanny showed a widower living alone with his 3 children. Kate and Ally showed 2 straight women living together without husbands to raise their children together. Full House showed a widower raising his three children with his brother in law and his best friend, three straight men raising 3 kids. Later on Uncle Jesse marries and has kids of his own showing that cookie cutter family but even then they live with the other family resulting in a blended household of cousins and Aunts and Uncles living in one house. My Two Dads was about two men being awarded custody of a daughter neither knew whether or not was theirs. The Partridge Family is about a single mom with a busload of kids who form a band and tour all over the country. Who's the Boss was about a single father working for a single Mother and raising their two children together while balancing professionalism in a familiar setting. Modern Family shows a straight couple, a gay couple and a divorced and remarried blended family all within the same family. To be fair this is a more recent show but still. In Different Strokes the family was an older white couple who adopt two African American children. So you see even on TV families rarely fit the cookie cutter view and show life as it is. Families are made up of those people who love each other, whether it be two moms, two dads, a gramma, a single father, a single mother, a mom and dad, aunts and uncles and cousins living with you, or even your dad's best friend and your deceased mom's brother. 

So this attack group trying to preserve the sanctity of mailer ads for the next generation, really what are you fighting against? Good happy parents who love their children? Do you think that seeing a happy lesbian couple with their two happy daughters is going to somehow damage your own children? How? Are the eeeeviiil lasbians going to sneak out of the picture like weeping angels and send your children and you back to the 50's where you would probably be happier anyhow...? Will they sneak into your house at night... knowing you got the flyer and brainwash your children? NO they will just be happy being themselves and a family a nice normal family just like yours.You don't have to have a Mom and a Dad to be happy. Families come in all shapes and sizes. I know I for one may start shopping at JCP more. Groups like this push hate agendas and then cry victim when we call them homophobes. If you push hate... then at least have the decency to own it. Say I am a homophobe and I use ideas like "morality" and "religion" to push my hate into the world. True morality is acceptance and truly following Christ's example is to love.


  1. The controversy is over JC Penny's May mailer, which can be seen here >>http://calendar.jcpenney.com/may/#!book/thebook/10
    If you are familiar with how JCP runs their ads, you'll notice that on each page they include a little blurb about the model(s) featured on that page. The page in question was an ad for the Liz Claiborne line which happened to be modeled by a lesbian couple, their two daughters, and girls' grandmother. The blurb was just expressing how they are a happy and artistic family.
    This attack from One Million Moms is following the February attack from the same group also against JCP when they announced partnering with (openly gay) Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson.
    I applaud JCP for staying strong and continuing to feature people from all walks of life, and not just the "cookie cutter" ideal that some Americans seem to believe are superior.

    1. I am really confused by this comment because I don't think you read my post at all....? Did I not explain my point clearly?


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