Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Accidental Greenie

So I set out to make May about Mommies. Green Mommies in particular. After all Mother's Day is coming up this weekend. However when asked if they wanted to featured in the blog I got a resounding answer "I am not a greenie I am green by accident". Basically the thought is that because they do these green actions mostly to save a different kind of green (money) they don't consider themselves actually green. OK so here think about this. Does that make the actions any less important? If you aren't buying disposable diapers and paper towels and instead using less and wasting less and showing the disposable companies that you don't need their bleached paper crap does but you do it to save money instead of the trees.... does it make the trees any less alive? Nope. If you make your own soaps and detergents and cleaners that are chemical free and safe for not just your kids but animals and ecosystems and waterways. But you do it to save money and protect your children.. does that make the waterways and ecosystems any less protected? Nope. I am here to say that you do not have to be an ecowarrior living in a tree to protect it. You do not have to be protesting whaleing on a anti whaling boat in the ocean to care. he biggest thing that you can do is these little things. Compost, recycle, buy cloth, don't support disposables. It is a simple message but it's true. There are no accidental Green Mommies.. just you you wonderful, humble, sweet ladies who everyday help make this a better world for your kids. Just because some people do it with the deliberate intention of saving this planet does not make their (or my) actions more noble than yours. Every time a new Mom says "I am switching to cloth" whether it is for her babies sake, the planet's, or her own pocketbook, all three things do happen. I do envision a world where gas powered vehicals do not exist and where you can see the stars anywhere even in a suburb, where the oceans are free of garbage and GMOs are no more. But let me tell you do I not enjoy how cheaply we can live using handmade instead of store bought, using reusable instead of disposable. Heck no. I love it! So for everyone of you who answered that you were in it for the savings... you ARE .. because you also are SAVING this planet. Corny yes but Happy Mother's Day my beautiful friends. I love you all.


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