Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More on Breastfeeding Prejudice Awareness

So I recently heard about another breastfeeding mother being attacked on FB. Emma Kwasnica has had her FB account shut down a few times over some innocent pics of her breastfeeding her daughter. Emma is a 30 yr old tandem nursing mother who has been the subject of a vicious attack by FB.  This was taken from her own blog, " I am reaching out because I think you might be interested in the Facebook fiasco over breastfeeding images, and them being classed as "obscene, sexually explicit and pornographic". Yes, I said breastfeeding. The most loving, selfless act on Earth.For the record, my entire Facebook account has now been deleted, with no explanation from the administrators of Facebook. While they have not confirmed the reason for disabling my account, I can only suspect it stems from the fact that, in the days leading up to the disabling of my account, I had photos of me breastfeeding my daughters deleted, and was given a "warning" for having had uploaded "obscene" content that renders Facebook "unsafe for children" (please see attached screen shots)."
Now thinking back I wonder if the reason why I had to start a new FB account last winter was for the same reason, since the reason I was given was that I had been posting obscene material. I had not put two and two together but instead just started a new account. To be honest I am tired of writing these types of articles because in the 3 years I have had my blog up FB has not gotten the hint. The Leaky Boob was on television publicly denouncing their policies, and now Emma K. has been on the radio telling her story. Countless bloggers are fighting the good fight... but nothing seems to be getting through. So I am thinking since they say that a picture is worth a 1000 words.. let's flood FB with thousands and millions of BFing pics. If they want a fight.. they got it.
So here are some of my bfing pics from when my son was nursing.

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