Friday, December 30, 2011

Homemade Christmas Follow Up

Hi all.. I hope everyone had Happy Holidays and is looking forward to the New Year. We had a wonderful Christmas. Now that everyone has been given their gifts.. or almost everyone.. I am going to do my follow up post for our Homemade Christmas.  So here is what we gave each other.

I will start with a crafty decoration Bug and I made for the house. These are recycled water and juice bottles, covered with decoupage tissue paper and painted.

Next is a crocheted dragon that I made my good friend. It was all done in one piece except for the wings which are a different green.

 Up next is a blanket fleece tied pillow that I made for Bug out of an adorable dino print fleece scrap piece that was given to me from a friend.
 Then there is this adorable crocheted owl hat made for my baby cousin by me.
This next one was not made by me.. but it was made for me.. by a good friend. It is a gorgeous Celtic style hand crafted necklace.

 Next up is a giant plushie D 20 made by me for my husband, who is a D&D geek.
 For the grandparents (Bug has 4 sets as both my and Rob's parents are divorced and remarried.), we made these linen wreath prints using Bug's handprints and fingerprints.
 From Hubby to me was this hand made silhouette print of our son. Framed to match our photo wall pictures.
 For my best friend I made this delightful giant plushie crocheted squid.

 And for her birthday which is in a few days I made her this awesome Dr. Who TARDIS themed tassel ski hat, hand crocheted and embroidered.

 So there you have it.. our homemade Christmas. We have a few other gifts we made but we still have to finish them or haven't given them yet. For instructions on any of the things seen here just comment and I will let you know how we made these.

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