Monday, October 24, 2011

Hiding Veggies

So if you have a kid or kids that don't like to eat veggies.. I have decided to start doing a series like I did with the backyard edibles.. but recipes to hide veggies in yummy ways. So this is my first one. I made up a homemade marinara sauce that can be used in any pasta dish, or lasagna, or even as a pizza sauce replacement in pizza, pizza bagels...etc. It is 99% veggies. I took 2 jars of garden veggies marinara to start with. Now if you would like to start entirely from scratch that is good too. just start with a basic marinara recipe. Put both jars in a big big pot (needs to be really big). Now add two jars of water for each of the jars of sauce. This allows for the veggies to really cook down. Now add one whole large eggplant (or three smaller ones) peeled and chopped up. Add one lg zucchini and one whole red or Vadahlia onion, a few cloves of garlic, 2 whole green peppers (or 4 sorranno peppers if you would like a bit of spice), 4 or five whole carrots, and then optional meat either ground turkey, beef or pork. Now this is just what I added to mine.. feel free to go wild.. through in squash...or olives, or mushrooms...etc. Now just let it slowly simmer down over the day until it is cooked down, thick and the veggies are mostly cooked into the sauce.
My son is 2 and he looooooooves this sauce. He recently has started getting picky but a pizza bagel made with this sauce, low fat cheese and a whole wheat bagel is a healthy meal all around. ENJOY!

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