Monday, October 24, 2011

Chemtoberfest, Green Chemistry, and Polar Fleece

 So yesterday the Chem department of my college put on a celebration for the children of the town called Chemtoberfest. It was in honor of this being the International Year of Chemistry.
 It was amazingly well done for a small town University Chem Dept. They had demonstrations on how ice cream, popcorn, cotton candy, smores, candy apples, gak, cheese, and a few other things are made. They had a Haunted Room full of everyday products that glow under blacklight. Some of which may surprise you, such as Zest soap and Tonic water.
 We also learned that polar fleece which is what a lot of people wear as pajamas, jackets, used in cloth diapers, sweat pants...etc. is made from recycled grocery bags. So every time you collect a bunch of used grocery bags and bring them to the store to be recycled you are helping to make a new pair of fleece jammies that may very well end up on your little one.

Another thing we learned about was the influx of Green Chemistry being used not just in labs and industry but taught in college and even high school Chemistry classes. Where once chemicals were just dumped willy nilly into the garbage or down the sink, now they are being broken down in to less toxic chemicals or even recycled to be reused in experimentation. All in all we had a fun and informative day.


  1. Yay! Thank you for this glowing review. I am so glad that you enjoyed the event! We plan on doing it bigger and better this year. Contact me at for information and to be put on a mailing list :)


    1. You are welcome! I really look forward to it this year!!!


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