Friday, June 17, 2011

Spain Forcibly Removing Young Babies from Their Mothers for Breastfeeding

I recently found a news story which as a Mother struck fear in my heart and a sick feeling in my stomach. A 15 month old baby (a mere 5 months younger than my own little man) was forcibly removed from her mother's breast (quite literally). Habiba, a 22 year old mother living in Moracco, was foced to hand over her baby Alma because she was still breastfeeding and co-sleeping. She was staying in a govt housing place where they forced women to ween their babies. When she refused she was evicted and her baby was taken into custody. She is allowed an hour visit a week and if she tries to nurse someone will shout loudly scaring her baby. The poor mother was quoted as saying, "they are changing her, nothing is the same".  An insane report was released basically saying that by breastfeeding still at 15 months she was causing damage to her baby' mental health. In relaity a team of doctors has said that the longer the two are separated the more damage is being done and that it is incredibly unhealthy for Alma to be away from her mother.
Women all over the world have been holding protests and raising money for this poor mother. People are shocked that this is happening in what is supposed to be a rather forward thinking nation. 
My personal viewpoint is one of terror and disgust and shock. I think how I would feel if someone basically kidnapped Bug because that at 20 months he (gasp) still co-sleeps most nights. If he had let me I would have continued breastfeeding until at least 18 months. I plan on BF our second child until 18 months. If anyone tried to take my baby they would probably have me clapped in irons because I would not stop scratching, biting and clawing to get to him. This poor woman. I think that we all need to support her if only with prayers or well wishes. My heart just breaks for her. Things like this should not happen ever!

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  1. this is so sad. i couldnt imagine something like this happening to me. my heart goes out to them!


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