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The Knitty Gritty: Dishing the Dirt on Cloth Diaper Brands

So I thought it was time, now after having used many different brands of diapers for 21 months now, (Yes my baby is 21 months today! Applause), that I would dish the dirt on diaper brands! So I looked at all my diapers and decided to come up with criteria and grades for them. I decided that the categories would be:
1. Absorbancy
2. Snaps vs Velcro (this one is easy snaps gets an A velcro a C)
3. Price
4. Design (all the pretty colors)
5. Size Adjustability

I would like to add that these are only the brands we have tried. If you would like to comment about a brand you have used that you liked or disliked feel free to chime in.
Ok so here we go!
First of all lets start with Q-T Bunz:
We own four of these diapers. They are made for NB only and need covers. They also use velcro as closures.
Absorbancy: These are rather absorbent for what they are made for which is a NB baby. B
Snaps vs Velcro: Velcro. C
Price: I actually can not find these sold anywhere and I got them used from a friend for 2$ a piece. I am guessing brand new they went for about 12$ a piece. Which is on the high end. C
Design: Rather cute patterns actually. A
Size Adjustability: None Only fits a NB. My son grew out of them in 3 weeks. D
Overall Grade: C+

Next up is Happy Flute Diapers:
We own 7 of these diapers. Now many of you have read my blog post about how to stay away from the seller of these diapers on eBay because he is crooked. I stand by that but the diapers themselves are fantastic, so if you can find Happy Flute diapers from a different vender GET THEM!
Absorbancy: Super absorbent A
Snaps vs Velcro: Snaps A
Price: 6$ a piece for the solid color ones. 7$ for the pretty patterned ones. That includes shipping. A
Design: If you want to pay the extra $ (sometimes 2$) to get the super cute patterns then they have them but the regular priced ones are just plain colors. B
Size Adjustability: Adjusts from about 10 lbs to about 40 lbs. A
Overall Grade: A-

Next is BumGenius:
We have one of these we borrowed it from a friend when our son was born (they lent us there diapers when he was born to start us out and as we bought our own we have been returning them. These are name brand expensive diapers so you may be surprised at the grade I give it.
Absorbancy: These are pretty absorbent. B
Snaps vs Velcro: Velcro. C
Price: These retail for 17.99 for the velcro ones and 19.99 for ones with snaps. That means for the same price of four Happy Flute Diapers you could buy only one of these. F
Design: Solid colors only and few to choose from. D
Size Adjustability: They adjust somewhat but not nearly as much as some diapers. B
Overall Grade: D+

Next is My favorite diapers so far (sorry couldn't wait) Alvababy Diapers:
We own 2 and only because we already have so many and Bug is almost out of diapers. If we have another baby especially a girl anytime soon many more of this brand will be bought.
Absorbancy: These are more absorbent than any other diapers we have tried and they are made from a super soft fleece so they are so soft on baby's bottom. A+
Snaps vs Velcro: Snaps A
Price: 5$ each for all the patterns and colors including shipping. A+
Design: Such cute patterns!!! A+
Size Adjustability: Adjusts from NB to about 40lbs. A+
Overall Grade: A+

Next is Q-Baby Diapers:
We have 5 of these. We have five not because we kept buying them but because you could only buy five, 20, or 100. 
Absorbancy: These are not very absorbent at all, and the liners don't come off so it makes it hard to wash them. D
Snaps vs Velcro: Snaps A
Price: These were about 10$ a piece. The set of 5 was 50$. I thought at the time this was a bargain. I was wrong. C
Design: They only have five colors/patterns and you don't get to pick you get all five. They are really bland and faded quickly. D
Size Adjustability: Adjusts from like a 12 lb baby (maybe 15 lb) to a 40lb. C
Overall Grade: C

Next is Wee Ones Diapers:
These we have 1 of. It was given to us, by someone who I think realized their mistake buying such a crappy expensive diaper.
Absorbancy: None! They are made of bamboo and all natural but he soaks through it in seconds. He may as well have underwear on. F
Snaps vs Velcro: Snaps A
Price: I just found the listing for these they retail for 22$ a piece. 22$? It is a non PUL diaper that has no absorbency! F
Design: No patterns they are all tan bamboo color. F
Size Adjustability: Not much. They adjust a little. D
Overall Grade: D

Last but not least is Sunbaby Diapers:
We own 5 of these. They are pretty great.
Absorbancy: These are rather absorbent. B
Snaps vs Velcro: Snaps A
Price: 6$ a piece but including shipping and all the patterns are that price. A
Design: Rather cute patterns actually. A
Size Adjustability: Adjusts from NB to 35 lbs. A
Overall Grade: A-

So there you have it. The rest of our diapers were all locally made or handmade by me... so these are the only name brand ones we own. These are honest grades based on my personal experience. Feel free to disagree or agree or talk about one you liked or disliked.


  1. Here are some more that I've tried.

    Econobums (by cottonbabies):
    These are your very basic cotton prefold with a PUL diaper cover. I own 4 of these and although I've never had a problem with them we don't use them very often. They simply don't have the "cute" factor.
    1. Absorbancy: We usually use these as our overnight diapers. They almost always get us through the night without the aide of double inserts or a fleece cover. A-
    2. Snaps vs Velcro: Snaps. A
    3. Price: Diaper cover and 1 prefold bundle MSRP $9.95, although I bought mine when they were having a BOGO sale so I got them for $5/each including shipping. A-
    4. Design: NONE! Plain white single layer PUL cover with only a choice of 4 colors for the trim: white, blue, pink, or green. F
    5. Size Adjustability: NB-35 lbs A
    Overall grade: C+

    Blissful Booty diapers:
    We own 2 of these diapers. They are an AIO that come in two styles: classic velcro or Ultra which has both velcro AND snaps.
    1. Absorbancy: These diapers can easily absorb 6 hours, and we use them as a nighttime diaper or when I know we'll be out of the house for an extended amount of time. I have never had a leak issue with them in the 3 months we've had them. A
    2. Snaps vs Velcro: The ones I have are both velcro, but she now makes them with the addition of snaps WITH the velcro. B
    3. Price: Classic velcro $17.99 or Ultra velcro with snaps $19.99. I feel like this is pretty average of an AIO so it gets a B
    4. Design: green or white. Snaps come in a variety of colors to give it a hint of color. New line of colors/patterns are coming in the fall. C
    5. Size Adjustability: These are size diapers so they don't adjust very far. D
    Overall Grade: C+ These diapers don't look all that great when grading on this scale, but to be honest they are one of my very favorite diapers and I'll be purchasing several more when the new colors come out in the fall.

  2. thank you for this! i found your blog when I googled "happy flute diapers." I found a different distributor on ebay and have a bunch on their way! I am a huge fan of alva, but the happy flutes were cheaper! Good to know they will be great! :)


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