Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Green Amigurami Playfood

So what is more green than plastic playfood? How about hand crocheted play food stuffed with recycled plastic grocery bags. I recently started making some to see what I could create. The results were better than I thought. Here is some of what is now available for sale at The Green Mommy FB Store.

The first picture here is of an apple, two oreos, a chocolate chip cookie, a strawberry, a banana and a cupcake.

The next picture is the three cookies with a tall glass of milk.

This is my favorite I think. It is a tea cup with tea and the tag from a teabag hanging over the side.

Last but not least is my best one so far. It is a hamburger. Each piece is individually made so that it all comes apart. There is a top bun, tomato, lettuce, cheese, beef patty, and bottom bun.
So if you would like to order some from the Green Mommy, let me know. I can make a lot more things too. I am currently working on a Dora and Boots set for a friend and a S'more and a cup of hot cocoa for another friend.

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