Friday, March 18, 2011

So much...too much to talk about?

Ok so this may end up being an all encompassing post because I have too much to talk about!
Ok so first off the Green Mommy and Hubby Man bought a car. Yes we bought a car. So I guess I can no longer say I am a super greenie hoofing it everywhere or biking. That being said we bought a car that for it's size has really decent gas mileage and we are averaging about 20$ a week in gas which is better than most tiny sedans. I also have been biking almost as much and walking everywhere I can. With the weather turning nicer we will really only use it to go out of town or to get groceries. So my carbon footprint hasn't gone up that much. Plus not that we planned it this way but our car is green. I thought that was so fitting that we own a green car. I call it the Green Machine!
Which brings me to my next subject. It is getting greener out. Spring has sprung even here in the frozen north. I love it. I can see tufts of grass here and there. Soon I will start a new garden and with the soon departure of our bothersome upstairs neighbors I will feel better in our yard and able to spread out more. They are due to depart in May so soon enough that I can still start a garden and have harvest this fall. I got to take my little man out for a walk today and play in the warm sunshine.
My next subject is that I want to discuss three products.
One is purex laundry detergent. When every store I know got rid of Ecos (I guess it wasn't selling?) I have been frantic to replace it. I normally use purex baby because it is hypoallergenic and if not green at least won't use harsh chemicals on our skin. Yesterday I found out that purex is now making a hypoallergenic detergent, made from naturally sourced ingredients and scented with essential oils with no dyes or perfumes. It is called Purex Natural Elements. I need to do a tad more research before I promote this as a Green product but so far so good and it smells wonderful. I am not itchy and our clothes are soft and super clean.
The next product is Stonyfield Organic Yogurt. How good is that stuff???? OMG! Me and Bug have been long time lovers of it. I started eating it around when I got pregnant and he started on it around 8 months. We eat it by the huge tub fulls. Recently though they started a Stonyfield rewards program. Check it out. Type in the code on the lid and you can build up points to free stuff. It's great!
The last product is Silk Soy Milk! YUM! Not only yummy and nutritious but I recently found out that it is made from factories that run entirely on wind and solar power. How great and Green is that?
So this Green Mommy give a thumbs up to all three companies! Go drink some silk, eat some Stonyfield and wash you clothes in purex natural elements. :)
Until later Green Mommies.. HUGS and enjoy this gorgeous sunshine!

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