Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Interview with a Green Mommy!

I am going to start doing some interviews from time to time with real Green Mommies like you that are working hard every day to raise kids who know how to live Green and try to leave a smaller carbon footprint day by day. Today's interview is with Mrs. Shauna Kingston.

The Green Mommy: How long have you been a Mom?

Shauna K: I have been a mother for eight years and I have three children.

The Green Mommy: When did you first realize you wanted to be a greener Mom?

Shauna K:  I wanted to become a greener mom when I looked at a big thing of Tide and realized they did not list the ingredients I have always used Tide and its about $20.00 a thing and then I went to look on the cascade dish washing detergent also made by Proctor & Gamble and no ingredients was listed I was disgusted then I realized How easy things can be made by yourself if you have the time. So then I decided to sell my products to mothers that want them but don't have the time to make:) Plus it was more cost efficient for everyone.

The Green Mommy: Did you want to be greener for your kids?

Shauna K:  I wanted to become greener for my kids I want them to learn not take things for granted and that things are just things so they don't have to lead a materialistic lifestyle and just because you don't have something that someone else has does not mean you don't have to be happy! Let me just add in there they don't go without though that's for sure. Just to tell you a little about us we used to live in the town of Madrid in a very small house we are a family of 5 we did have a 2 lot property though for lots of land about 3 acres then we sold that in Dec 2009 and bought a remodelled farm house about 2 miles from the old house but still in Madrid. We now have animals and 7 acres of land and live in a home that's about 4000 square feet not to green but we need the space for my business and our family of 5. As you know I'm a registered daycare and my husband works for the town of Madrid he makes decent money but my business has slowed down a little but that's okay because I know how to be green and efficient lol. Just thought you would like to know some background info for your own interest:) back to the survey.

The Green Mommy: I really like that you have learned that being Green not only is good for your children and the planet but for saving money too. People often think being green is more money but it is actually a lot less. What products do you make?

Shauna K:  I make laundry detergent, dish washing detergent, going to be more household products to come. I raise chickens so I can sell their brown eggs and use their eggs for us to eat and they are free range only on the weekends because of daycare, I breed and sell bunnies I have some that are free range all the time I limit how many I let run free so we are not over populated and so there is no inter breeding and some special ones in cages because we do live in the country lol. I have rain buckets to catch the rainwater to water the animals and in the winter I just use the snow. I'm going to try to make other products I'm just getting started. Also my eight year old Keli wants to make jewellery and sell it:)

The Green Mommy: That is great! I love Mommy made products. I recently started making crocheted and knitted hats. I may start a local coalition of Green Mom's to sell their products. I will keep you updated. What other green things do you do that you can suggest to other Moms?

Shauna K: When cooking I like to try and make a lot of things from scratch like pies, dough,cookies it can be so easy most of the time. I'm an electric freak I tell everyone shut the light off if not in use my kids have just about mastered this lol . We never watch tv at dinner time!! I use rechargeable led flashlights, floresent work lights or at xmas the christmas lights for lighting at night during the long winter months I only use my dryer if I have to. I have not used it yet this month I hang my clothes up on hangers instead of using the dryer. We shut things off when not in use I even unplug the microwave. Our electric still runs about$ 190.00 a month but slowly decreasing. I also track the electric from day to day to see what might of used the most electricity. We just bought a new hot water heater so it will be more efficient and we are recycling our old one my hubby's dad needs one. I use coupons. I also will get discounts at Lowes because they will beat the computers price plus knock more off. I buy things second hand as much as possible if I can't I search the internet for the best price. I use things that we already have when trying to build, fix or make something and I'm trying to get the hubby to do the same. In the summer I have a garden and I might try canning this fall. I try to be self sufficient and independent as much as possible:) I could go on for hours on how to be green lol.

The Green Mommy: That's great! We actually have so many used and thrift stores around here that it is almost silly to buy new. I have made several posts about how much I love our local thrift stores. Canning is so much fun. I try to can at least a little each fall. I can give you some recipes if you want. If another green mom wanted to buy your products how would she go about doing that?

Shauna K: I sell my green products, bunnies, eggs and items I no longer need on craigslist or I can be contacted through fb @ shauna peck kingston.

The Green Mommy: How has being a green mommy changed your outlook on life and being a Mom?

Shauna K: Being green has changed my outlook on life because I don't need to buy all these fancy products, or eggs or other things from the store and a lot of things can be done or homemade by yourself if you have the time and its made me become a better mom because my kids are seeing me make these things and get excited with the outcome and they see how easy it can be and I know what's in the products that they are going to come in contact with. My daughter got so excited the first time she found out I made the chicken pot pie from scratch that was exciting for me to lol. She had to ask me mommy what's scratch so now she announces to everyone when we eat things from scratch lol.

The Green Mommy: That is so neat. I can't wait until Bug is really old enough to understand fully everything Mommy does. He likes to help me though which is the first step. We do a lot of science experiment to show him what pollution is and what acid rain is. If you could give any advice to Moms struggling to stay green what would that advice be?

Shauna K: The best advice I could give is ask yourself do I really need this thing if its something you want or do I just want it to have. Also try to be creative as possible you would be amazed at what you have in your home that you could use to make things:) Thanks Shay:)

The Green Mommy: Thanks Shauna!

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