Thursday, February 24, 2011

Repurpousing Old Baby Items

So as our Bug has grown he has outgrown many of his baby items. One of the main one of these has been his crib. So i set about researching ways to reuse his crib bits around the house. I found many interesting ideas for what to do with cribs after they are no longer needed.
One of the coolest ones was from
They said to make a chair out of one of the sides and the headboard. I may actually do that.

My favorite  idea though was to make a chalkboard out of the head or foot board.This one was from I am planning on doing this as soon as spring comes.

One I did myself so far though was to turn one side of his crib into a blanket holder in his room.

Another thing I did was to re purpose his bumpers by tying them together and folding them into the shape of a large body pillow/nap mat. Then I stuffed them into two king size pillow cases.

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