Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Breastfeeding "Feeding Strike"

So recently I was on my new favorite FB page ever, The Leaky Boob, and finally got up the courage to post about why I stopped breastfeeding at 9 months. Here is what I wrote:
I have a question... it was only after my son weened that I truly became a lactivist.. or at least am getting there, but I did exclusively BF (except for baby food) for the first almost 10 months of his life. I did not dry up... I did not want to stop, I was not having issues... What happened was he seemed to wake up one day right before he turned  10 months and decided he didn't want boob. He pushed it away and wouldn't drink. That day we switched to bottles. I tried for a few days to get him to drink pumped milk at least (since that was what he drank during the day when I was at school) but he didn't want any. I think it was the fact that by then he was walking and eating full meals like a toddler. We used formula for just a few weeks and then switched to whole milk. With our second child someday I would like to BF much longer... how do I stop this from happening again? Or is it just time to stop when baby says stop?
The response was overwhelmingly "Feeding strike". So I looked it up and it was exactly what had happened. A nursing or feeding strike is usually when a baby is teething and suddenly just stops nursing. If you work thorugh it though it will end and you can return to nursing. I was all alone though and had no one to help me or any one I could go to for advice. I took it as weening and stopped nursing. Now looking back I feel like I robbed my son of something. Now I know why I kept wanting to start nursing again.. and felt so disconnected. I hope to do better with my second child. It just goes to show you though that knowledge is needed and there are so many women BFing with no help or support structure. I had no problems ever with breastfeeding, it was so easy and we both took to it so naturally.. and even I had this happen. Consider what a struggling BF mother goes through. There are so many pitfalls and we all need to support one another. It is so vital. I wish I knew then what I know now. I highly recommend that all BF mothers go to The Leaky Boob, for the answers, and love and support that can keep a BF mother on track and help her get through even the toughest of issues.

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