Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Breastfeeding Post?

So this time the issue is the Rachael Ray show. A woman who often is photographed in nothing but a bra or revealingly low cut clothes had the audacity to agree with harsh comments made about breastfeeding in public on her show this week.
The offensive comments were made by her guest Bethenny Frankel, a regular on none other then "The Real Housewives". That show makes my skin crawl... but that is another story. Anyway the comments happened when a guest had this to ask of Rachael and her guest.
“I’m expecting my second child and strongly thinking of breastfeeding.What are your rules for public breastfeeding, like where is it appropriate?”
Bethenny: “I think, unless you are Pamela Anderson, you shouldn’t be showing anyone your breasts besides your husband and your baby.”
Rachael Ray: “Exactly.”
Bethenny: “I really do. I think you should find a corner, or there is always a back room, I just think it makes other people uncomfortable. When you are a mother you think everyone is ‘in on’ what you’re ‘in on’, [. . .] but they’re not.Because I didn’t know anything about [breastfeeding] until I was pregnant and I was sensitive to the fact that it would have flipped me out.So I think, just keep it private. But definitely breastfeed and do things your own way, but in that one way, I would keep it a little bit private. Whipping out your boob at the dinner table is a good diet tip for everyone else.
 Are you kidding me? This kind of narrow minded bigotry is what keeps mothers from wanting to breastfeed. I know so many mothers who never even thought to try because of backlash like this. Not to mention this is not the first time I have heard anti-motherhood comments like this from this show. She once told a c-section Mom to just keep dieting to lose the pouch. That is so not the right advice.... There are special exercises that sometimes work... but most mothers actually have to live with it or have it removed because once those muscles are cut it's almost impossible to get them working again. I can not count the amount of times her bad advice to mothers has made me cringe but this last time took it too far! I personally had this to say to Mrs. Rachael Ray:
I was always the hugest fan for years and years but as a talk show host I find you very demeaning to mothers. Several episodes have taken a tone that does not support BF or help mothers in anyway. As someone who has never had a child... are you really someone who should speak for mothers??? I am so disappointed. I have stopped watching your show. Question: I am often offended when I see a mother bottle feeding... so should I tell her to hide under a blanket or go do it in a bathroom.. because I personally do not support that choice? No? That's ridiculous? Well so is what you and your guest said! You owe breastfeeding mothers everywhere an apology!

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