Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Compost Bin

So in the footsteps of my Mom and Dad I am finally going to attempt a compost bin. I am going to be really careful though. My Mom used to always throw everything in there if it was food... but putting anything meat in there brings in maggots, flies, and animals. I am going to avoid that like the plague. My little Bug was watching Bob the Builder this weekend and the episode was on making your own compost bin. Although his plans wouldn't work very well in the village since it was very open but I did find some plans for one using a large plastic trash bin. You take a trash bin with a locking lid like this one.
Now you drill holes in the bottom, for drainage and so worms can get in. Then you drill holes in the sides and top for air to get in. Now just add composting items to it.
Things you can compost are:
· Coffee ground and filters
· Fruits and vegetables
· Egg shells
· Grass clipping
· Leaves
· Nut shells
· Shredded newspapers
· Fireplace ashes
Here is what you should never put in your compost:
· Meat or fish bones
· Yard trimmings that have been treated with chemicals
· Pet waste
· Plants that are diseased

So have fun! After I set mine up I will keep you guys updated on it.

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