Friday, August 27, 2010


Today thanks to another green blog I am going to show you how to make "Plarn" or Plastic yarn. This is something I am super excited about because I think that there is nothing that gets wasted as much as plastic grocery bags. Now I have been using reusable tote bags for groceries for some time now but every once in a while I forget. We do have a recycling for grocery bags and I recycle them a lot but we still end up with a ton. By making this plarn you can not only reuse plastic bags but knit or crochet some interesting and sturdy things...such as a reusable tote bag lol (ironic).

So here it is thanks to "Textiles4you" at
First gather up all your plastic grocery bags. Cut off the handles and the bottom. Now cut the rest into 1 inch loops. Now loop the loops together. Make a string of them and ball it into a ball like yarn. Now crochet or knit with it.
If you would like to see pictures here is the original link.
I am going to go try this right now and I will post my own pictures.

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