Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Diapers: Happy Flute Diapers

So recently our friends who gave us their diapers to borrow until they had a need for them back, needed them back (and that's all I am saying :D ). So since Aleks' diapers were about 1/3 prefolds (bought by us) 1/3 borrowed all in ones and 1/3 all in ones bought by us, this cut his diapers down by a third. So I went looking for new ones. We don't have a lot of money right now so the first place I looked was eBay. I found a China based company on eBay that sold pocket diapers made with fleece and PUL with a thick inner liner.

The company was called Happy Flute Diapers.
At first I was very skeptical about a company based in China but the lady who runs it seemed very up and up. It seems to me that it is more of a family based company using eBay as a way to reach outside there borders and in a round about way is very Fair Trade since the money goes to those who make the products.
That being said I was very very impressed both with the price (5$ each including shipping) and the quality of the diapers. They are designed to be just like "Fuzzibunz" brand diapers in that one diaper fits from newborn to potty training.
This picture shows the small medium and large settings.
However "Fuzzibunz" retail for about 20$ a piece. These have solid construction and are quite pretty too. They come in an abundance of colors and even designs and soft fuzzy covers.

The only draw back that I could see is that shipping can take 2-3 weeks and also you may not always get the color you order. I ordered baby blue and got white... but I am not miffed. I will probably be ordering several more. I want at least 5 more.
I really recommend this company. Here are all 4 diapers I ordered.

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