Sunday, August 15, 2010


Another way to be green is my hand crafting your own clothes, hats, scarves...and other items. You can recycle old clothes into blankets or new clothes. You can use up some old balls of yarn to make a new hat and scarf.
I wanted to share some things I have made over the past few years. I am thinking of starting my own Etsy store and wanted to showcase some of the things I make. I am going to keep it to the Mommy related stuff though. If people want to see all my costume and clothes and purses I can post more pics.

This is a cloth diaper I made. I haven't made any more yet but I plan to soon.

These are 2 hats I made for 2 about to be 1 year old kids. The left one is for my son. It is a replica of the famous Jayne hat from Firefly. The girl's hat is for my son's friend Olivia who loves butterflies.

This is a wet bag for carrying wet cloth diapers. I lined it with vinyl.

This is a wreath I made for our front door. It is about 2.5-3 ft wide.

These are curtains I made for my nursery.

This is a wreath for our living room.

These are our family stockings. I made them all free hand no patterns.

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