Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another great Mommy owned company: Blue Dinosaurs

Here is another great Mommy owned and run company for Green Mommies to peruse and hopefully buy some of her wares. The company is called "Blue Dinosaurs".

It can be found at
The owner and creator is an old acquaintance of mine. She and her husband went to the same Inter Varsity group as me as well as the same church. Now they have 2 children, 1 of whom is in diapers still. I am not sure if she herself cloth diapered with both kids but she makes not only cloth diapers but bibs, toys, wipes...ect. The cool catch with her company is that since she and her hubby are both of the geeky persuasion (which is great!) and her hubby is a video game creator,  a lot of her patterns and creations are game themed or geeky themed. She said she plans to dive deeper into that genre soon. I would love to see more of that personally!
The items she has for sale currently are all bright and colorful and just great!
The above pic is an example of her work, a space themed bib. She mentions in her intro to her store about how plastic snaps work best for cloth diapers and bibs. I couldn't agree more. I honestly have pretty much given up on bibs because of velcro and am currently in the process of switching out all of my sons velcro diapers for snap ones. 
Here are what her diapers look like. 

Her prices aren't bad. They are higher obviously than some places but for great quality craftsmanship and made at home, mommy made, mommy approved products.. I would say the prices are pretty reasonable. I love her site and am planning on buying a few geeky bibs for my son ASAP. (Probably for Christmas!)
This site is all owned and created by a Green Mommy and certainly gets a thumbs up from THIS Green Mommy! 

Edit: The owner of Blue Dinosaurs recently gave birth to her third child. Welcome into the world little man.

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