Friday, March 19, 2010

Take half a minute and think....

So yesterday I went to enjoy some of the spring sun with my baby and puppy. I was heading home after enjoying our local park... the same park my husband and I were married in, and saw ridiculous amounts of trash everywhere. Now in the north it's common to see bits of trash after the snow melts. Some people are litterbugs and over the winter it accumulates and then when the snow melts it all is left on the grass.
However that is not what I found. It looked like a few people had had a picnic and then left everything behind. They left mayonnaise packets and sandwich wrappers and plastic bags, forks and knives and napkins.
So even though I had to wrangle a dog and a stroller I used one of the left behind plastic bags and took the five minutes to pick up all that trash and then easily threw it in the handily located trash receptacle (there are several around the park).
It would have taken the people literally a minute or two to do this themselves...instead they left their trash where our children play and are dogs walk. They left it where it could choke the local ducks and geese. How self important are you that your time is more important then all those that enjoy that park? Take a minute and think!

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