Friday, November 13, 2009

On the topic of Breastfeeding

Some women have a hard time with breastfeeding and some don't. It can be a touchy subject. I have had great success with it. One thing though that they don't tell you is most women produce the amount of milk they need to feed their baby. If you produce more than usual chances are you baby will eat more than usual. The nurses at our hospital kept telling me... pump pump. I have found that on the rare occasion I can pump some, the next time I go to feed him there is not enough milk and I go running to the fridge for that saved up milk. Now if you are away from your baby for the day yes of course you should pump, but it is the opinion of this Mom that you should not feel bad if you are not pumping while feeding. Your body is not dumb, it knows how much your baby needs.

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