Monday, November 9, 2009

New Diapers Arrived Today

A few days ago I found a new company on It is called "QBaby". They offer 5 all in one cloth diapers for $39.99. They also offer 20 for $99.99. That is a really good price. Well they arrived today. They are so cute and well sewn. I prewashed them and am about to use the first one as soon as they are dry. I will let everyone know how they hold up. So far though the best cloth diaper I have found are from the company "BumGenius". They are so great. One diaper fits from 6 lbs-40 lbs. They are simply amazing. They are very absorbent and hold up great. They usually run about 19.95 each but I have found them as cheap as 14.95 on Most of our diapers though are from a local company "Noble Bunz". These are $10 each and also really good quality. I have found that all in ones and pocket diapers are so much easier than prefolds. Prefolds are fine in a pinch but I am mostly using all in ones.

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